Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-03-218

Muon energy reconstruction in ANTARES and its application to the diffuse neutrino flux
R. Bruijn, A. Romeyer and J.D. Zornoza
The European collaboration ANTARES aims to operate a large neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea, 2400 m deep, 40 km from Toulon (France). Muon neutrinos are detected through the muon produced in charged current interactions in the medium surrounding the detector. The Cherenkov light emitted by the muon is registered by a 3D photomultiplier array. Muon energy can be inferred using 3 different methods based on the 
knowledge of the features of muon energy losses.
They result in an energy resolution of a factor $\\sim 2$ above 1 TeV. 
The ANTARES sensitivity to diffuse neutrino flux models is obtained from an energy cut, rejecting most of the atmospheric neutrino background which has a softer spectrum. Fake upgoing events from downgoing atmospheric muons are rejected using 
dedicated variables. After 1 year of data taking, the ANTARES sensitivity is  E^2 dF/dE < 8 10^-8 GeV cm^-2 s^-1 sr^-1 for a 10 string detector and an E^-2 diffuse flux spectrum.


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