Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-03-256

Study of the exclusive B->Dbar (*) D(*) K decays in BaBar
M. Zito
The $B$ meson decays to the  ${\\Dbar^{(*)}D^{(*)}K}$
final states are important to understand the $\\b \\to \\c \\cbar  \\s$  process, 
related to the long-standing problem of the semileptonic $B$ decay rate. 
The 22 possible $B$ decays to $\\Dbar^{(*)}D^{(*)}K$ are reconstructed 
exclusively. We observe 823$\\pm$57 \\Bz and 970$\\pm$65 \\Bu  decays 
to these doubly charmed final states and the 
 branching fractions or upper limits are 
determined for all final states.


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