Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-03-271

MATE, a single front-end ASIC for silicon strip, Si(Li) and CsI detectors
P. Baron, et al.
MATE (Must ASIC for Time and Energy) will process signals delivered from the hodoscope MUST2. The hodoscope consists of six large area telescopes (100 cm), each made up of a double sided Si strip detector followed by a Si(Li) and Csi crystal. MATE has sixteen channels and can deliver three types of analogue information per channel; time of flight and energy loss of the detected particle; value of leakage DC current per channel. MATE also gives a trigger logical signal corresponding to the cross over of an adjustable threshold value. The analogue information is transmitted as differential current through twisted pair to the acquisition system based on VXI-C. The slow control is assured via the I2C industrial protocol. The first version of MATE for Si(strip) is available. An update of MATE will allow it to be used for the Si(Li) and Csi detectors. MATE is a novel R&D project for nuclear physics which includes both energy and time measurements with good resolution and high energy dynamic range.


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