Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-03-366

Isospin analysis of B->Dbar(*)D(*)K decays
M. Zito
The peculiar isospin properties of the $\\bccs$ current lead to a rich set of isospin relations for the $\\BDDK$ decays which are presented here. Recent high quality experimental data on the complete set of these decays (22 measurements) are analysed in this context, the
isospin relations are tested and the results for the isospin amplitudes are discussed.
The comparison between the measured and expected branching fractions yields
a new measurement of the ratio of branching fractions  Br(Upsilon(4S) -> B^+ B^-)/ Br(Upsilon(4S) ->B0 B0bar )=0.86 +- 0.13.
We finally discuss the implications of our findings for the measurement of 
sin(2 beta) and cos(2 beta)$ using these decays. 


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