Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-04-62

A Micromegas detector for the CAST experiment
S. Andriamonje, S. Aune, T. Dafni, G. Fanourakis, E. Ferrer Ribas, H. Fisher, J. Franz, T. Geralis, A. Giganon, Y. Giomataris, F.H. Heinsius, K. Konigsmann, T. Papaevangelou, K. Zachariadou
A MICROMEGAS detector has been mounted on the CAST experiment at CERN. 
Performance results of the detector, based on the first period of data taking
in November 2002 and in May 2003, are presented. Preliminary results on
efficiencies, background rejection and axion sensitivity are shown.
A novel pixel MICROMEGAS detector is being developed to be coupled to a 
focussing  X-ray telescope.


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