Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-04-349

Preamplification structures based on Micromegas
S. Andriamonje, S. Aune, E. Ferrer Ribas, A. Giganon, Y. Giomataris, P. Salin
The design of MICROMEGAS is offering, for several applications,
substantial advantage in energy, spatial and time resolution,
granularity on large surface and simplicity of construction.
However the maximum achievable gain is limited, at high hadron
rates, because of sparks induced by heavy ionizing particles
produced by nuclear interactions.

An issue to decrease drastically the sparking rate is to use the
conversion space of the detector as a preamplification stage. In
this paper, we will describe the design and laboratory results of
new amplifying structures, based on the Micromegas concept that
can be either used as a preamplification element or stand-alone
detector for some specific applications.


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