Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-04-391

Very Long Baseline Array imaging of a periodic 12.2-GHz methanol maser flare in G9.62+0.20E
Goedhart S., Minier V., Gaylard M. J., van der Walt D. J.
The class II methanol maser source G9.62+0.20E undergoes periodic flares at both 6.7 and 12.2 GHz. The flare starting in 2001 October was observed at seven epochs over three months using the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) at 12.2 GHz. High angular resolution images (beam size ~1.7  0.6 mas) were obtained, enabling us to observe changes in 16 individual maser components. It was found that while existing maser spots increased in flux density, no new spots developed and no changes in morphology were observed. This rules out any mechanism which disturbs the masing region itself, implying that the flares are caused by a change in either the seed or pump photon levels. A time delay of one to two weeks was observed between groups of maser features. These delays can be explained by light travel time between maser groups. The regularity of the flares can possibly be explained by a binary system.


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