Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-03-227

First Results from the IBIS/ISGRI Data Obtained During the Galactic Plan Scan. II The Vela Region
J. Rodriguez, M. Del Santo, F. Lebrun, G. Bellanger, M. Cadolle-Bel, et al.
We report the results of an XMM-Newton observation of the persistent X-ray source 1E1743.1-2843, located in the Galactic Center (GC) direction. We determine the position of the source at alpha_J2000=17h46m21.0s, delta_J2000=-28deg43\'44\" (with an uncertainty of 1.5\"), which is the most accurate to date, and will enable cross-identifications at other wavelengths. The source was bright during this observation (L_2-10keV ~ 2.7 x 10^36 d^2_10kpc erg/s for a power-law continuum), with no significant variability. We propose that 1E1743.1-2843 may be explained in terms of a black hole candidate in a low/hard state. There is an indication that the source exhibits different states from a comparison of our results with previous observations (e.g., ART-P, BeppoSAX). However, the present spectral analysis does not rule out the hypothesis of a neutron star low-mass X-ray binary as suggested previously. If 1E1743.1-2843 is actually located in the GC region, we might expect to observe significant 6.4keV fluorescent iron line emission from nearby molecular clouds (e.g., GCM+0.25+0.01).


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