Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-03-345

INTEGRAL discovery of a bright highly obscured galactic X-ray binary source IGR J16318-4848
R. Walter, J. Rodriguez, L. Forschini, J. de Plaa, S. Corbel, T.J.-L. Courvoisier, P.R. Den Hartog, F. Lebrun, A.N. Parmar, J.A Tomsick, P. Ubertini
INTEGRAL regularly scans the Galactic plane to search for new objects and in particular for absorbed sources with the bulk of their emission above 10-20 keV. The first new INTEGRAL source was discovered on 2003 January 29, 0.5 degree from the Galactic plane and was further observed in the X-rays with XMM-Newton. This source, IGR J16318-4848, is intrinsically strongly absorbed by cold matter and displays exceptionally strong fluorescence emission lines. The likely infrared/optical counterpart indicates that IGR J16318-4848 is probably a High Mass X-Ray Binary neutron star or black hole enshrouded in a Compton thick environment. Strongly absorbed sources, not detected in previous surveys, could contribute significantly to the Galactic hard X-ray background between 10 and 200 keV.


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