Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-05-463

The control system for the MIRI imager Ground Support Equipment
F. Gougnaud, Ph. De Antoni, Y. Lussignol, D. Arranger, G. Durand, D. Eppellé
The Mid Infra Red Instrument (MIRI) is one of three instruments to be built for the spatial telescope James Webb (JWST). Our division CEA Saclay/Dapnia is in charge of designing and delivering the imager of MIRI and developing its test bench called the Ground Support Equipment (GSE). This GSE is composed of a warm telescope simulator, a cryostat and an infrared detector. This paper will describe the control system for the GSE. This control system is composed of a fast acquisition system, a slow control and PLCs for the cryostat including safety management. For the fast acquisition and images visualisation, the ESO data acquisition software IRACE (InfraRed Array Control Electronics) is used.
The originality of this project lies in the simultaneous use of IRACE, of EPICS for the slow control and of the automatisms system based on the WoldFIP Fieldbus network and its WEB supervision. These three software subsystems will communicate and the supervision will be centralized on two redhat Linux PCs. All the boards are purely industrial. This test bench should be put in operation at the beginning of 2006.


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