Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-06-50

DEMIN: A neutron spectrometer, Micromegas-type, for inertial confinement fusion experiments
M. Houry, E. Delagnes, D. Riz, B. Canaud, L. Disdier, F. Garaude, Y. Giomataris, V.Yu. Glebov, Ph. Legou, Ph. Rebourgeard, C. Sangster
A new neutron diagnostic has been designed to achieve high energy neutron spectroscopy 
in large g background. The concept is based on the association of a Micromegas detector 
with a neutron-to-charged particle converter. Studies have been performed with a neutron 
generator and g-ray sources and it has been shown that 14MeV neutrons can be detected 
with improved efficiency and relative gamma insensitivity. This low g sensitivity makes this 
concept appealing for inertial fusion experiments. Experiments have been performed on the 
60 beams, 30 kJ OMEGA laser system at the University of Rochester and have demonstrated 
the applications of this detector.


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