Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-06-55

Weak lensing mass reconstruction using wavelets.
J.L. Starck, S. Pires, A. Réfrégier
This paper presents a new method for the reconstruction of weak lensing mass maps. It uses the 
multiscale entropy concept, which is based on wavelets, and the False Discovery Rate (FDR) 
which allows us to derive robust detection levels in wavelet space. We show that this new 
restoration approach outperforms several standard techniques currently used for weak shear 
mass reconstruction. This method can also be used to separate E and B modes in the shear 
field, and thus test for the presence of residual systematic effects. We concentrate on large 
blind cosmic shear surveys, and illustrate our results using simulated shear maps derived from 
N-Body CDM simulations (Vale and White, 2003) with added noise corresponding to both 
ground-based and space-based observations.


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