Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-06-60

Thermal design of the CFRP support struts for the spatial framework of the Herschel Space Observatory
P.C. McDonald, E. Jaramillo, B. Baudouy
Thermal finite element (FE) models, of low thermal conductance struts which are required to provide 
support for the low temperature components of the Herschel Space Observatory, have been validated 
by measurements at temperatures below 20 K. The Herschel Space Observatory structure is introduced. 
FE modelling of two designs of support strut is briefly discussed and the final designs presented. 
Validation of the design models was made in two experiments. The first of these provided specific 
thermal conductivity data for component CFRP materials, whose composition was initially designed 
on the basis of data available in the literature. The second experiment was performed to confirm the 
thermal conductance (Q/T), of the completed struts. The validation test rigs are described 
together with details of the experimental methods employed. Values of conductance were at the level 
of 510-5 W/K at a mean temperature of 6 K. The measured data are presented and discussed with 
reference to the thermal models. Sources of measurement inaccuracy, are also discussed.


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