Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-06-173

Recent Achievements on the Development of the HERSCHEL/PACS Bolometer arrays
Billot N., Agnese P., Boulade O., Cigna C., Doumayrou E., Horeau B., Lepennec J., Martignac J., Pornin J.-L., Reveret V., Rodriguez L., Sauvage M., Simoens F., Vigroux L.
A new type of bolometer arrays sensitive in the far Infrared and
Submillimeter range has been developed and manufactured by
CEA/LETI/SLIR since 1997. These arrays will be integrated in the PACS
instrument (Photodetector Array Camera and Spectrometer) of ESA\'s
Herschel Space Observatory (launch date 2007). The main innovations of
CEA bolometers are their collective manufacturing technique
(production of 3-side buttable 16x16 arrays) and their high
mapping efficiency (large format detector and instantaneous Nyquist
sampling). The measured NEP is 2.10^(-16) W/Hz^(1/2) and the
thermometric passband about 4-5 Hz. In this article we describe
CEA bolometers and present the results obtained during the last
test campaign.


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