Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-06-246

First results of the instrumentation line for the deep-sea ANTARES neutrino telescope
J.A. Aguilar et al., collaboration ANTARES
In 2005, the ANTARES collaboration deployed and operated at a depth of 2500 m a so-called mini instrumentation line equipped with optical modules (MILOM) at the ANTARES site. The various data acquired during the continuous operation from April to December 2005 of the MILOM confirm the satisfactory performance of the optical modules, their front-end electronics and readout system, as well as the calibration devices of the detector. The in-situ measurement of the optical module time response yields a resolution better than 0.5 ns. The performance of the acoustic positionning system, which enables the spatial reconstruction of the ANTARES detector with a precision of about 10 cm, is verified. These results demonstrate that with the full ANTARES neutrino telescope the design angular resolution of better than 0.3 can be realistically achieved.


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