Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-06-327

Scalar-field quintessence by cosmic shear: CFHT data analysis and forecasts for DUNE
C. Schimd, I. Tereno
A light scalar field, minimally or not-minimally coupled to the metric field, is a well-defined candidate for the dark energy, overcoming the coincidence problem intrinsic to the cosmological constant and avoiding the difficulties of parameterizations. We present a general description of the weak gravitational lensing valid for every metric theory of gravity, including vector and tensor perturbations for a non-flat spatial metric. Based on this description, we investigate two minimally-coupled scalar field quintessence models using VIRMOS-Descart and CFHTLS cosmic shear data, and forecast the constraints for the proposed space-borne wide-field imager DUNE.


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