Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-02-142

Overview of a New Test Facility for the W7X Coils Acceptance Tests
T. Schild, D. Bouziat, P. Brédy, G. Dispau, A. Donati, P. Fazilleau, L. Genini, M. Jacquemet, B. Levesy, F. Molinié, J. Sapper, C. Walter, M. Wanner, L. Wegener
The gas turbine modular helium-cooled reactor (GT-MHR) is known probably as the best option for the maximum plutonium destruction in once-through cycle, even though the industrial fabrication of coated particle fuel still has to be proved. We perform detailed Monte Carlo simulations along these lines by comparing different geometry sets, namely homogeneous versus single-heterogeneous and double-heterogeneous, in terms of keff eigenvalues, the length of the fuel cycle, neutron characteristics and the evolution of fuel composition in particular. In all cases the same Monteburns code system  is used. We show that the performance of GT-MHR may be considerably influenced by the way its geometry is modelled within the Monte Carlo approach. 


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