Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-07-17

Simultaneous multiwavelength observations of the Low/Hard State of the X-ray transient source SWIFT J1753.5-0127 (astro-ph 0612575)
M. Cadolle-Bel, M. Ribo, J. Rodriguez, S. Chaty, S. Corbel, A. Goldwurm, F. Frontera, R. Farinelli, P. D'Avanzo, A. Tarana, P. Ubertini, P. Laurent, P. Goldoni, I. F. Mirabel
We report the results of simultaneous multiwavelength observations of the X-ray transient source 
SWIFT J1753.5-0127 performed with INTEGRAL, RXTE, NTT, REM and VLA on 2005 August 10-12. 
The source, which underwent an X-ray outburst since 2005 May 30, was observed during the 
INTEGRAL Target of Opportunity program dedicated to new X-ray novae located in the Galactic Halo. 
Broad-band spectra and fast timing variability properties of SWIFT J1753.5-0127 are analyzed together 
with the optical, near infra-red and radio data. We show that the source was significantly detected up 
to 600 keV with Comptonization parameters and timing properties typical of the so-called Low/Hard State 
of black hole candidates. We build a spectral energy distribution and we show that SWIFT J1753.5-0127 
does not follow the usual radio/X-ray correlation of X-ray binaries in the Low/Hard State. We give estimates 
of distance and mass. We conclude that SWIFT J1753.5-0127 belongs to the X-ray nova class and that 
it is likely a black hole candidate transient source of the Galactic Halo which remained in the Low/Hard State 
during its main outburst. We discuss our results within the context of Comptonization and jet models.


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