Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-02-157

A Device for Measuring High Current At Cryogenic Temperatures
C. Berriaud, A. Donati
In order to measure high current (several tens of kilo Ampere) at low temperature (down to 4.2 K), we have developed collaboration with Hitec Power Protection (Netherlands ex. Holec). This company sell the Macc+ (a low cost Direct Current Control Transformer) which measures up to 600A (AC and DC) at 300 K. Several limitations of the standard Macc+ will be pointed to find the adapted solutions for the different users conditions (temperature, current level and background magnetic field). With some minor modifications to the standard produce, we could place the torus sensor at low temperature (the electronic is still at 300 K) and we measured up to 3kA in liquid helium at low field. Analysis of the behavior of the device in non-standard conditions and experimental results will be reported. With more modifications, we could measure up to 38kA at 4.2K in a 0.5T-background magnetic field.


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