Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-07-02

Bulk Micromegas detectors for large TPC applications
J. Bouchez, D. R. Burke, Ch. Cavata, P. Colas, X. De La Broise, A. Delbart, A. Giganon, I. Giomataris, P. Graffin, J.-Ph. Mols, F. Pierre, J.-L. Ritou, A. Sarrat, E. Virique, M. Zito, E. Radicioni, R. De Oliveira, J. Dumarchez, N. Abgrall, P. Bene, A. Blondel, A. Cervera, D. Ferrere, F. Maschiocchi, E. Perrin, J.-P. Richeux, R. Schroeter, G. Jover, T. Lux, A. Y. Rodriguez, F. Sanchez
A large volume TPC will be used in the near future in a variety of experiments including T2K. 
The bulk Micromegas detector for this TPC is built using a novel production technique particularly 
suited for compact and robust low mass detectors. The capability to pave a large surface with a 
simple mounting solution and small dead space between modules is of particular interest for these 
applications. We have built several large bulk Micromegas detectors (27x26~cm$^2$) and we have 
tested them in the former HARP field cage setup with a magnetic field. Cosmic ray data have been 
acquired in a variety of experimental conditions. Good detector performances and space point 
resolution have been achieved.


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