Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-02-160

Test Results of the Third LHC Main Quadrupole Magnet Prototype at CEA/Saclay
F. Simon, C. Gourdin, Th. Schild, J. Deregel, A. Devred, B. Hervieu, M. Peyrot, J.M. Rifflet
The construction of the third second-generation main quadrupole magnet prototype for LHC has been completed at CEA/Saclay in November 2000. The magnet was tested at 1.9 K similarly to the two first ones, this prototype has exceeded the operating current in one training step and exhibited excellent training memory after a thermal cycle. This paper describes the quench performance and quench start localization determined by means of voltage-taps and a quench antenna system developed in collaboration with KEK. As this magnet was equipped with capacitive gauges, the stresses during cool-down and powering have been recorded and are in agreement with FE computations. The newly designed quench heaters have improved efficiency and reproducibility compared to those of the first generation. Magnetic measurements have been performed at various stages. The cold measurements show minor differences with those at room temperature and are similar to those of the two first magnets of this design. These results prove that the magnets are mechanically stable and confirm the design retained for the series production of the 400 LHC main quadrupoles.


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