Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-07-48

Very large emissive foil detectors for the tracking of low energy heavy ions
A. Drouart, C. Mazur, Ph. Bourgeois, E. Bougamont, A. Gillibert, V. Lapoux, L. Nalpas, E.C. Pollacco, M. Riallot
We present the development of a thin large area tracking detector. The thickness of matter intercepted by the ions is 
approximately 0.25 mg/cm of low mass material (aluminized Mylar). It is designed to detect low energy heavy ions with 
a minimum of energy and angular straggling. We use a secondary electron emission foil coupled to an innovative large 
area gaseous electron detector. The electrons are guided toward the detector by an electric and a magnetic field. 
We achieve good time (300 psec FWHM) and two dimensional position (1.4 mm FWHM) resolutions over a large 
area (10x40 cm).


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