Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-02-167

R&D for a Single-Layer Nb3Sn Common Coil Dipole Using the React-and-Wind Fabrication Technique
J.M. Rey et al.
A dipole magnet based on the common coil design, using prereacted Nb3Sn superconductor, is under development at Fermilab, for a future Very Large Hadron Collider. This magnet has some innovative design and technological features such as single layer coils, a 22 mm wide 60-strand Rutherford type cable and stainless steel collars reinforced by horizontal bridges inserted between coil blocks. Both left and right coils are wound simultaneously into the collar structure and then impregnated with epoxy. In order to optimize the design and fabrication techniques an R&D program is underway. The production of cables with the required characteristics was shown possible. Collar laminations were produced, assembled and tested in order to check the effectiveness of the bridges and the validity of the mechanical design. A mechanical model consisting in a 165 mm long section of the magnet straight section was assembled and tested. This paper summarizes the status of the program, and reports the results of fabrication and test of cable, collars and the mechanical model.


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