Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-07-128

Status of the Simbol-X detector background simulation activities
R. Chipaux, U. Briel, A. Bulgarelli, L. Foschini, E. Kendziorra, C. Klose, M.Kuster, P. Laurent and C. Tenzer
Using the Geant4 toolkit, a Monte-Carlo code to simulate the detector background
of the Simbol-X focal plane instrument has been developed with the aim to
optimize the design of the instrument.
Structural design models of the mirror and detector satellites have been
built and used as baseline for our simulations, to evaluate the different
background contributions that must be taken into account to determine
the sensitivity of the Simbol-X detectors.
We work towards a simulation based background and mass model which can be
used before and during the mission.

For different material compositions, material thicknesses, locations etc.
the response of the instrument to the diffuse cosmic hard X-ray background and
to the cosmic proton induced background have been calculated.
As a result we present estimates of the background count rate expected in the
low and high energy detector, and anti-coincidence rates.
The effect of induced radioactivity in the detector and shielding materials and
soft proton scattering in the mirror shells are also under study.


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