Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-07-127

My Bolometer is running a Fever, Or why very low noise performances requires global design of the apparatus.
D. Yvon, J. Panh, J. Landé, P. Eng, N. Briand, G. Guyot, R. Pons, J. Narbonne, A. Delbart, D. Brienza, P. DeBernardis, S. Masi
Thanks to intensive developments bolometer sensitivity has improved by orders of magnitudes. 
Measurements now involve energies that are incredibibly small, when compared to every day hardware. 
Thus, when used in an industrial environment, taking advantage their performances requires much care 
to prevent noise from overwhelming the signal. In this paper, we show, taking the Planck Instrument 
as an exemple, that proper design of subsystems is mandatory, but no longer sufficient to achieve 
required performances. A global design of the apparatus for low noise is needed, and we explain how to do it.


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