Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-02-163

W7X DEMO Coil Cryogenic Tests in the CEA/Saclay Test Facility
Th. Schild, L. Genini, M. Jacquemet
In the frame of the W7-X stellarator project, CEA co-operates with Max-Planck-Institut fr Plasmaphysik in performing the acceptance tests of all 70 superconducting coils of the W7-X magnet system. The test facility is now completed and its performance is being checked using the W7-X prototype coil. The main objective of the tests of the series coils is to demonstrate their proper function and to determine their margin of operation. Since many coils will be tested and compared to each other, it is important to measure the margin of operation in a reproducible way with sufficient accuracy. Either increasing the current, increasing the temperature or mixed operation can induce quenches. The test results on the prototype coil will be analyzed with respect to the temperature and current margin and compared to the expected values calculated from the superconducting strand data. The paper will summarize the results of these tests and the methods of evaluation.


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