Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-05-459

IDeF-X V1.0 Performances of a New CMOS Multi Channel Analogue Readout ASIC for Cd(Zn)Te Detectors
O. Gevin, F. Lugiez, O. Limousin, B. P. F. Dirks, C. Blondel, X. Coppolani, P. Baron, E. Delagnes
The evolution of the CdTe detectors properties requires a continuous improvement 
of the electronic frond-end in terms of geometry, noise, and power consumption. 
This is why our group is working on a new modular spectro-imaging system based 
on CdTe detectors coupled to dedicated full custom readout ASICs, named IDeF-X 
for Imaging Detector Front-end. The development of the IDeF-X front-end ASIC 
includes several steps from its first version as a set of stand-alone preamplifier 
prototypes to a complex multi-channel (32 to 256) circuit for high-pixel density 
CdTe readout. The first ASIC, named IDeF-X V0 was designed to evaluate the 
AMS 0.35m CMOS technology and to choose the best suited charge sensitive 
preamplifier (CSA) design. We present a new version of IDeF-X which is a complete 
16 channels analogue front-end. The chip has been optimized for high resolution, 
X ray or gamma ray spectroscopy (4 to 300 keV). Each channel includes a preamplifier 
(one of the PMOS input type CSA characterized in IDeF-X V0), a continuous reset 
system with a leakage current self adaptable, a pole zero cancellation system and 
a variable peaking time fourth order Sallen & Key type shaper. The electronic chain 
is optimized for detector capacitance in the range of 2 to 5pF. This device (ASIC + detector) 
is planned to be used in large area cameras (100 to 1000 cm) for space borne astrophysics.


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