Résumé du preprint DAPNIA-07-99

A scheme to produce a dense positronium plasma for an antihydrogen experiment.
P. Pérez, V. Blideanu, M. Carty, A. Curtoni, O. Delferrierre, L. Liszkay, J-M Rey, N. Ruiz, Y. Sauce
A 6 MeV industrial electron linac with 0.2 mA average current will be installed in December 2007 in CEA-Saclay. 
Equipped with a tungsten target and moderator, it is aimed at producing rates of order 10 8 s-1 slow positrons. 
This setup is part of a project to demonstrate the feasibility of an experiment to produce the Hbar+ ion for a free 
fall  measurement of Hbar. The energy is below the neutron activation threshold. Its small size and cost could be 
of interest for a university laboratory or industry, and could be envisaged as a replacement source for the 
antihydrogen experiments at CERN.  


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