Résumé du preprint Irfu-08-190

Constraints on WIMP Dark Matter from the High Energy PAMELA antiproton/proton data
F. Donato, D. Maurin, P. Brun, T. Delahaye, P. Salati
A new calculation of the pbar/p ratio in cosmic rays is compared to the recent PAMELA data. The good match up to 100 GeV allows to set constraints on exotic contributions from thermal WIMP dark matter candidates. We derive stringent limits on possible enhancements of the WIMP pbar flux: a mWIMP=100 GeV (1 TeV) signal cannot be increased by more than a factor 6 (40) without overrunning PAMELA data. Annihilation through the W+W- channel is also inspected and crosschecked with e+=(e- + e+) data. This scenario is strongly disfavored as it fails to simultaneously reproduce positron and antiproton measurements.