Résumé du preprint Irfu-08-301

Large Bulk Micromegas detectors for TPC applications
S. Anvar, P. Baron , M. Boyer, J. Beucher , D. Calvet , P. Colas, X. De La Broise, E. Delagnes , A. Delbart , F. Druillole , S. Emery a, C. Giganti , I. Giomataris , E. Mazzucato , E. Monmarthe , F. Nizery, F. Pierre , J.-L. Ritou , A. Sarrat , M. Zito , M. G. Catanesi , E. Radicioni , R. De Oliveira, A. Blondel , M. Di Marco , D. Ferrere , E. Perrin , M. Ravonel , G. Jover , T. Lux , A. Y. Rodriguez , F. Sanchez , A. Cervera , C. Hansen , L. Monfregola
A large volume TPC will be used in the near future in a variety of experiments including T2K. The bulk Micromegas detector for this TPC is built using a novel production technique particularly suited for compact, thin and robust low mass detectors. The capability to pave a large surface with a simple mounting solution and small dead space is of particular interest for these applications. We have built several large bulk Micromegas detectors (36x34~cm$^2$) and we have tested one in the former HARP field cage with a magnetic field. Prototypes cards of the T2K Front End Electronics, based on the AFTER ASIC chip, have been used in this TPC test for the first time. Cosmic ray data have been acquired in a variety of experimental conditions. Good detector performances, space point resolution and energy loss measurement have been achieved.