Résumé du preprint Irfu-09-07

Test of a beam profile monitor on IPHI
P. Abbon, F. Jeanneau, J. Marroncle, J.-P. Mols, J. Pancin
In the Ifmif framework, a prototype of a Beam Transverse Profile Monitor was designed to deal with a 125 mA deuteron beam at 40 MeV. It is based on the ionization induced by the beam on the residual gas contained in the beam pipe. Ionized particles are accelerated by an electric field transversely to the beam direction; their motions generate electric currents on a multi strip plate. These currents are read by a homemade electronic which allows to reconstruct the profile beam every μs. This prototype was tested on the accelerator source of Iphi, in July 2008, for a feasibility study. Results are described in this report.