Résumé du preprint Irfu-08-299

Swift follow-up observations of 17 INTEGRAL sources of uncertain of unknown nature
J. Rodriguez, J.A. Tomsick, S. Chaty
(abridged) We analysed data from observations of 17 INTEGRAL sources made with the Swift satellite. We refine the position of the hard X-ray sources to an accuracy of a few arcsec. We then browsed the online catalogs (e.g., NED, SIMBAD, 2MASS, 2MASX, USNO) to search for counterparts at other wavelengths. We also made use of the X-ray spectral parameters to try to identify the nature of those sources. We provide the X-ray position with arcsec accuracy, identify possible infrared and optical counterparts (when found), give the magnitudes in those bands and in the optical and UV as seen with the Swift/UVOT telescope when observations are available. We confirm the previously suggested associations and source types for IGR J03532-6829, J05346-5759, J10101-5654, J13000+2529, J13020-6359, J15479-4529, J18214-1318, and J23206+6431. We identify IGR J09025-6814 as an AGN for the first time, and we suggest that it may be a Seyfert 2. We suggest that IGR J05319-6601, J16287-5021, J17353-3539 and J17476-2253 are X-ray binaries, with J05319-6601 being located in the LMC and the other three possibly being HMXBs in our Galaxy. For IGR J15161-3827 and J20286+2544, we find several possible X-ray counterparts in the IBIS error region, and we discuss which, if any, are the likely counterparts. Both are likely AGNs, although the latter could be a blend of two AGNs. For IGR J03184-0014 and J19267+1325, we find X-ray sources slightly outside the IBIS error circle. In the former, we do not favour an association of the Swift and INTEGRAL source, while it is very likely that IGR J19267+1325 and the Swift source are the same.