Résumé du preprint Irfu-08-409

Super separator spectrometer for the LINAG HEAVY ION BEAMS
A. Drouart, J. A. Nolen, H. Savajols
The Super Separator Spectrometer (S3) will receive the very high intensity heavy ion beams from the LINAG accelerator of SPIRAL2. Its privileged fields of physics are the delayed study of rare nuclei and secondary reactions with exotic nuclei. The project is presently in a phase of conceptual design. It includes a rotating target to sustain the high energy deposit, a two stages separator (momentum achromat) and spectrometer (mass spectrometer). Various detection set-ups are foreseen, especially a delayed alpha, gamma, and electron spectroscopy array and a gas catcher coupled to a low energy branch. We present here the current status of the project and its main features.