Résumé du preprint Irfu-08-444

CMOS pixel sensor development: A fast read-out architecture with integrated zero suppression
Ch.Hu-Guo, J.Baudot, G.Bertolone, A.Besson, A.S.Brogna, C.Colledani, G.Claus, R.De Masi, Y.Degerli, A.Dorokhov, G.Doziere, W.Dulinski, X.Fang, M.Gelin, M.Goffe, F.Guilloux, A.Himmi, K.Jaaskelainen, M.Koziel, F.Morel, F.Orsini, M.Specht, Q.Sun, I.Valin and M.Winter
CMOS Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors (MAPS) have demonstrated their strong potential for tracking devices, particularly for flavour tagging. They are foreseen to equip several vertex detectors and beam telescopes. Most applications require high read-out speed, which imposes sensors to feature digital output with integrated zero suppression. The most recent development of MAPS at IPHC and IRFU addressing this issue will be reviewed. The design architecture, combining pixel array, column-level discriminators and zero suppression circuits, will be presented. Each pixel features a preamplifier and a correlated double sampling (CDS) micro-circuit reducing the temporal and fixed pattern noises. The sensor is fully programmable and can be monitored. It will equip experimental apparatus starting data taking in 2009/2010.