Résumé du preprint Irfu-09-168

A mini Linac Based Positron Source
P. Pérez, L. Liszkay, J.-M. Rey, V. Blideanu, M. Carty, A. Curtoni, O. Delferrierre, P. Dupré, T. Muranaka, N. Ruiz, Y. Sacquin.
We have installed in Saclay a demonstration setup for an intense positron source in November 2008. It is based on a compact 6 MeV electron linac to produce positrons via pair production on a tungsten target. A relatively high current of 0.15 mA compensates the low energy, which is below the neutron activation threshold. The expected production rate is 4 10^11 fast positrons per second. A set of coils is arranged to select the fast positrons from the diffracted electron beam in order to study the possibility to use a rare gas cryogenic moderator away from the main flux of particles. A first part of the commissioning of the linac has been performed. First attempts at measuring the fast positron flux are underway. This setup is part of a project to demonstrate the feasibility of an experi-ment to produce the Hbar+ ion for a free fall measurement of neutral antihydrogen (Hbar). Its small size and cost could be of interest for a university laboratory or industry for materials science applications.