Résumé du preprint Irfu-09-228

New pixelized Micromegas detector for the COMPASS experiment
Damien Neyret, Marc Anfreville, Yann Bedfer, Etienne Burtin, Nicole d'Hose, Arnaud Giganon, Bernhard Ketzer, Igor Konorov, Fabienne Kunne, Alain Magnon, Claude Marchand, Bernard Paul, Stéphane Platchkov and Maxence Vandenbroucke
New Micromegas (Micro-mesh gaseous detectors) are being developed in view of the future physics projects planned by the COMPASS collaboration at CERN. Several major upgrades compared to present detectors are being studied: detectors standing five times higher luminosity with hadron beams, detection of beam particles (flux up to a few hundred of kHz/mm, 10 times larger than for the present detectors) with pixelized read-out in the central part, light and integrated electronics, and improved robustness. Studies were done with the present detectors moved in the beam, and two first pixelized prototypes are being tested with muon and hadron beams in real conditions at COMPASS. We present here this new project and report on two series of tests, with old detectors moved into the beam and with pixelized prototypes operated in real data taking condition with both muon and hadron beams.