Résumé du preprint Irfu-08-257

Inclusive Search for the SM Higgs Boson in the H->gamma gamma channel at the LHC
S. Ganjour
A prospective for the inclusive search of the Standard Model Higgs boson in the decay channel H->gammagamma is presented with the CMS experiment at the LHC. The analysis relies on a strategy to determine the background characteristics and systematics from data. The strategy is applied to a Monte Model of the QCD background, with full simulation of the detector response. The discrimination between signal and background exploits information on photon isolation and kinematics. The resolution for the reconstructed Higgs boson mass profits from the excellent energy resolution of the CMS crystal calorimeter. A discovery significance above 5 sigma is expected at integrated LHC luminosities below 30 inverse femtobarn for Higgs boson masses below 140 GeV/c^2.