Résumé du preprint Irfu-10-75

Broadband Suzaku observations of IGR J16207-5129
A. Bodaghee et al. (J. Rodriguez, S. Chaty)
An analysis of IGR J16207-5129 is presented based on observations taken with Suzaku. The data set represents ~80 ks of effective exposure time in a broad energy range between 0.5 and 60 keV, including unprecedented spectral sensitivity above 15 keV. The average source spectrum is well described by an absorbed power law in which we measured a large intrinsic absorption of nH = 16.2(-1.1/+0.9)x10^22 /cm2. This confirms that IGR J16207-5129 belongs to the class of absorbed HMXBs. We were able to constrain the cutoff energy at 19(-4/+8) keV which argues in favor of a neutron star as the primary. Our observation includes an epoch in which the source count rate is compatible with no flux suggesting a possible eclipse. We discuss the nature of this source in light of these and of other recent results.