Résumé du preprint Irfu-11-26

Discharge studies in Micromegas detectors in a 150 GeV pion beam
S. Procureur, S. Aune, J. Ball, Y. Bedfer, M. Boyer, H. Colas, A. Giganon, P. Konczykowski, F. Kunne, C. Lahonde-Hamdoun, N. Makke, C. Marchand, O. Meunier, A. Morreale, B. Moreno, H. Moutarde, D. Neyret, S. Platchkov, F. Sabatié
We present a detailed study of several Micromegas detectors prototyped for the COMPASS and CLAS12 experiments. The goal was to measure the discharge rate and to test solutions to minimize it (GEM foil or resistive films) without degrading the overall performance. The effects of the micro-mesh type and material, and of the size of the drift gap were investigated, as well as the presence of a 1.5 T transverse magnetic field. This study was performed during a RD51 beam test period.