Résumé du preprint Irfu-10-394

First results from HerMES on the evolution of the submillimetre luminosity function
S. Eales et al. (H Aussel, D. Elbaz, S. Madden, P. Panuzzo)
We have carried out two extremely deep surveys with SPIRE, one of the two cameras on Herschel, at 250 μm, close to the peak of the far-infrared background. We have used the results to investigate the evolution of the rest-frame 250-μm luminosity function out to z = 2. We find evidence for strong evolution out to z ≃ 1 but evidence for at most weak evolution beyond this redshift. Our results suggest that a significant part of the stars and metals in the universe today were formed at z preceq 1.4 in spiral galaxies.