Résumé du preprint Irfu-10-218

The dust morphology of the elliptical Galaxy M 86 with SPIRE
H. L. Gomez et al. (P. Chanial, D. Cormier, D. Elbaz, M. Galametz, F. Galliano, S. Hony, S. Madden, K. Okumura, P. Panuzzo, M. Sauvage)
We present Herschel-SPIRE observations at 250-500 μm of the giant elliptical galaxy M 86 and examine the distribution of the resolved cold dust emission and its relation with other galactic tracers. The SPIRE images reveal three dust components: emission from the central region; a dust lane extending north-south; and a bright emission feature 10 kpc to the south-east. We estimate that ~10^6 M_sun of dust is spatially coincident with atomic and ionized hydrogen, originating from stripped material from the nearby spiral NGC 4438 due to recent tidal interactions with M 86. The gas-to-dust ratio of the cold gas component ranges from ~20-80. We discuss the different heating mechanisms for the dust features.