Résumé du preprint Irfu-13-99

The PRESPEC liquid-hydrogen target for in-beam gamma spectroscopy of exotic nuclei at GSI
C. Louchart, J.M. Gheller, Ph. Chesny, G. Authelet, J.Y. Rousse, A. Obertelli, P. Boutachkov, S. Pietri, F. Ameil, L. Audirac, A. Corsi, Z. Dombradi, J. Gerl, A. Gillibert, W. Korten, E. Merchan, C. Nociforo, D. Ralet, M. Reese, V. Stepanov
Abstract We report on a new liquid hydrogen target dedicated to in-beam gamma spectroscopy experiments in inverse kinematics at relativistic incident en- ergies at GSI/FAIR. The target-cell and entrance window are composed of 200-m thick Mylar. Target thicknesses from 10 to 60-mm can be reached for an e ective diameter of 70 mm. The proposed design has the advantage of being free of absorbing material at forward angles and 90 degrees, allowing the detection of photons on a wide angular range. A commissioning experi- ment with a 54Cr beam at 130 MeV/nucleon has been performed at GSI with the RISING setup. The target has been shown to behave as expected and is ready for experimental campaigns with AGATA.