Atelier Simbol-X 2004: Proceedings




Atelier Simbol-X

11-12 mars 2004, Paris 



Thursday, March 11

09:30--09:35 Welcome P. Ferrando

Mission description

09:35--10:00 The SIMBOL–X mission  (11.4Mb) P. Ferrando
10:00--10:15 SIMBOL–X optics (4.5Mo) G. Pareschi
10:15--10:30 Focal plane : the low energy detector L. Strüder
10:30--10:45 Focal plane : the high energy detector  (2.2Mb) O. Limousin
10:45--11:15 Coffee break

Galactic Center

11:15--11:40 The Supermassive Black Hole at the Galactic Center (8.9Mb) A. Goldwurm
11:40--12:05 Galactic Center diffuse emission (3.6Mb) A. Decourchelle
12:05--13:35 Lunch break

Accretion / ejection - AGNs

13:35--14:00 Overview (4.8Mb) L. Maraschi
14:00--14:20 Constraints on Radio Quiet AGN continuum with SIMBOL–X (2.3Mb) P.O. Petrucci
14:20--14:35 Iron line diagnostics (0.4Mb) J. Wilms
14:35--14:50 Type 2 AGNs  (0.8Mb) M. Cappi
14:50--15:05 Extreme blazars and the VHE connection (2.4Mb) B. Giebels
15:05--15:20 High Energy emission of blazars, the need for high sensitivity (2Mb) G. Henri
15:20--15:50 Coffee break

Particle acceleration - Galactic

15:50--16:15 Particle acceleration in Supernova Remnants (4.3Mb) A. Decourchelle
16:15--16:30 Particle acceleration in G347.3–0.5 (7.7Mb) G. Cassam-Chenaï
16:30--16:50 High energy particle acceleration in active stars (12Mb) Th. Montmerle

Particle acceleration - Extragalactic

16:50--17:15 High energy emission of galaxy clusters (2.6Mo) M. Arnaud
17:15--17:40 Gamma-ray bursts afterglows (2.2Mb) F. Daigne

 Friday, March 12


Accretion / ejection - Stellar mass Black Holes

09:30--09:50 Hard X-ray tails in X-ray binaries (1.9Mb) S. Campana
09:50--10:10 SIMBOL-X and relativistic jets (1.8Mb) S. Corbel
10:10--10:25 QPOs : a case study GRS1915+105 (5.4Mb) J. Rodriguez
10:25--10:40 Understanding the nature of ULX with SIMBOL-X (1Mb) L. Foschini
  ( written version of the presentation) (471Kb) L. Foschini
10:40--11:10 Coffee break

High Energy Sources Population

11:10--11:30 The X/g-ray Milky Way (1.2Mb) F. Lebrun
11:30--11:50 X-ray sources population in nearby galaxies (5Mb) W. Pietsch
11:50--12:15 Evolution of the sources of the X-ray Background (13.7Mb) G. Hasinger
12:15--13:45 Lunch break

Neutron Stars, Pulsars

13:45--14:10 Neutron stars and lions (3.3Mb) G. Bignami
14:10--14:25 Geminga and its fraternity (4.3Mb) P. Caraveo
14:25--14:45 A hard X-ray view on X-ray binary transients in quiescence (0.9Mb) S. Campana
14:45--15:00 X-raying accretion columns - Cyclotron line studies with SIMBOL-X (0.5Mb) P. Kretschmar

General discussion and conclusions

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