Recent results of electron scattering at SCRIT facility
Hikari WAUKE
Department of Physics, Tohoku University
Mercredi 15/02/2023, 11:45-12:05
Bat 703, p 135 salle visio-conférence, CEA Saclay, Orme des Merisiers

Recently, we succeeded in realizing the world's first electron scattering from online-produced unstable 137Cs nuclei at the SCRIT facility. The 137Cs beam was produced via photo-fission of uranium by irradiating uranium carbide disks with a 150 MeV electron beam.

In this talk, I will report details of the experiment and obtained spectra.
Furthermore, experiments aiming N=82 isotone and Xe isotope dependences will also be presented.  

This talk follows the seminar given by K. TSUKADA on the SCRIT project.

Contact : Valerie LAPOUX


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