The impact of baryonic physics in galaxy formation: Multi-scale approach to galaxy simulations, from the initial mass function to galaxies in a cosmological environment
Mardi 12/03/2024, 10:00
Bat 713, salle de séminaires Galilée , CEA Saclay, Orme des Merisiers

The interplay of baryonic physics (star formation and feedback processes) in shaping galaxies and their host halos is a multiscale and multidisciplinary problem. Numerical simulations are key to understanding these processes as they cover phenomena that take place at a wide range of scales, some too small for most astrophysical observations but yet able to impact the shape and evolution of galaxies as a whole. However, no single simulation can address every aspect of this complex issue. A comprehensive approach is essential to integrate learnings from various types of simulations and compare them with observations. This includes understanding star formation histories in cosmological simulations, examining interstellar medium dynamics in comparison to simulations of individual galaxies, and exploring the non-universality in the stellar initial mass function in specific molecular cloud simulations. My goal is to discuss how simulations across different scales, together with detailed multiscale observations, collectively contribute to approaching the complexities of galaxy formation and evolution. All this while discussing current shortcomings and successes of high-resolution numerical simulations of galaxies and galactic environments.

Contact local & organisation : Thierry FOGLIZZO

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