Superconducting magnet activities at MIT Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory : Current - Next - Future
Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory (MIT)
Mardi 23/06/2015, 10:00-11:00
Bat 123, p 311 -- 7 places, CEA Paris-Saclay

This presentation will covers an update and summary of the current, next and pending superconducting magnet activities at the FBML.


Current activities :

  1. 1.3 GHz LTS/HTS magnet,
  2. MgB2 magnet operated in the temperature range up to ~20 K,
  3. 7 T NI-MW (multi-width) GdBCO magnet.

Next (after July 2015) : LHe-free persistent-mode GdBCO coils.

Pending (after April 2016): a tabletop LHe-free, persistent-mode MgB2 magnet for osteoporosis MRI

Contact : Guillaume DILASSER


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