Pre-Booster Ring Design of the FCC -e+e- Injector Complex
Ozgur Etisken
Vendredi 16/07/2021, 16:00-17:00

You are kindly invited to the next remote BE Seminar taking place on Friday 16 July at 16:00 (Geneva local time).

Should you be interested, please join the meeting on indico via zoom, using password 786529.

The FCC-e+e- injector complex needs to produce and to transport high intensity e+ and e− beams at a fast repetition rate for topping up the collider at its collision energy. The injector complex design of the FCC-e+e- project consists of an e+/e- linac, which accelerates the beams up to 6 GeV, a pre-booster ring, accelerating the beam from 6 GeV to 16 GeV and a booster synchrotron ring integrated in the collider tunnel, accelerating the beams up to the collision energies. Two different pre-booster ring design options are under consideration: either using the existing SPS machine or designing a completely new ring. In this presentation, an introduction to the FCC-e+e- injector complex will be given, with focus on the pre-booster ring. The necessary modifications required for using the SPS as an FCC-e+e- pre-booster ring will be discussed and a conceptual design of an alternative pre-booster ring will be presented. 

You are kindly requested to leave the video disabled and the microphone muted during the presentation and activate it at the end, if you have any comments or questions.

Please note that the BE Seminar will be recorded.

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