Magneto-thermal evolution of neutron stars (uniquement virtuel)
Andrei IGOSHEV (University of Leeds)
Mardi 04/04/2023, 10:00

We perform first three-dimensional simulations of the magneto-thermal evolution using a spectral MHD code for crust confined magnetic field configurations. Our results show that presence of strong toroidal magnetic field in magnetars is necessary to explain their quiescent thermal emission, in particular a formation of a single hot spot. Using our thermal maps we are able to explain light curves of 10 out of 19 magnetars in quiescence. In the case of the central compact objects, we test the configuration of magnetic field formed as a result of stochastic dynamo. Such a magnetic field consists of multiple randomly orientated loops of magnetic field. Surface thermal map is becoming patchy and includes multiple hot and cold regions which are always observed simultaneously. The global dipolar field slowly formed as a result of the Hall and Ohmic evolution. In our simulations we see 5-10% pulsed fraction and difference of two times in temperature between hot and cold regions typical for observations of the central compact objects. We also study off-centred dipole configurations and found that they decay over time.

Local contact: Raphaél RAYNAUD

Organizer: Frédéric GALLIANO

Contact : Frederic GALLIANO


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