1.1. Expected Audience

Our Department of AstroPhysics (DAp) regroups researchers (observers, modellers and instrumentalists) covering a broad range of topics:

  • planet and disk formation;
  • formation, evolution, and dynamics of the Sun and stars;
  • high-energy astrophysics;
  • interstellar media;
  • cosmology and galaxy evolution.

The audience would thus reflect these themes. About 25 to 35 people usually attend. One third to half of the crowd can be composed of students and young postdocs, with some stochastic fluctuations.

1.2. General Information

The seminar takes place on Tuesdays at 10am, following our weekly breakfast at 9:30am (note that the breakfast is currently suspended for epidemic reasons). This breakfast is an informal social event where people from our entire lab interact while enjoying some pastries, fruit juices and coffee. You are of course invited to join.

1.2.1. Scope and Duration

  • The whole seminar lasts one hour including questions ⇒ plan 45 minutes of presentation.
  • In an attempt to keep the seminar accessible to all, we kindly ask that you use the first 20 minutes or so to give a review of your field at a level accessible to first-year graduate students and researchers from very different fields of astrophysics and instrumentation.

1.2.2. Technical Aspects

  • There will be an HDMI cable for the projection. If you have an adapter for this please bring it along, otherwise, let us know some time before the seminar so we can find one adapted to your computer.
  • There will be a long telescopic pointer. You can bring your own laser pointer if you prefer.
  • There will be a microphone.
  • Your talk can be recorded (currently, using Zoom).

1.2.3. Uploading Slides

With your agreement, we have the possibility to upload your PDF slides on our website, after your talk. They will be freely accessible.

1.3. Timeline Summary

9:30 -
start of breakfast (you should plan to arrive no later than this time).
9:45 -
setting your computer in the seminar room.
10:00 -
start of seminar.
10:45 -
end of talk, start of questions.
11:00 -
end of seminar. Informal discussions.
12:00 -
lunch with a few people, in a nearby restaurant.
13:30 -
end of lunch. Return to the lab for discussions, project kick-starting, etc. until you leave.


Our laboratory is located about 20 km south of Paris, in the CEA research center. The complete address is:

CEA Paris-Saclay Orme des Merisiers
DAp, bâtiment 709
Jard des Merisiers
91191 Gif-sur-Yvette

  • You can book a hotel nearby. However, note that this is a relatively isolated area. There will not be a lot of activity to do at night.
  • You can book a hotel in Paris. It will take about one hour to commute with public transportation, if you stay along the RER B train line, south of Gare du Nord (Fig. 1). The quarter of Denfert-Rochereau is convenient, as it has its own RER B train stop, and a lot of nearby restaurants and shops.
Figure 1: RER B line map.

We do not have any preferential agreement with any hotel. You can choose one that is not listed below. We can reimburse up to 150 euros/day (hotel+dinner). We can not reimburse Airbnb. The prices listed below are subject to fluctuations. Keep all your receipts.

2.1. Hotel suggestions Around our Laboratory

Figure 2: Hotel suggestions near our laboratory.
Hôtel Les Chevaliers des Balances
Distance from the lab:
1.0 km
Typical price:
≈ 80 euros
1, place de la Mairie, 91190 Saint-Aubin
Phone number:
Hôtel Le Village
Distance from the lab:
4.3 km
Typical price:
≈ 80 euros
4, rue Neuve, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette
Phone number:
Hôtel d'Orsay
Distance from the lab:
4.7 km
Typical price:
≈ 90 euros
2, rue François Leroux, 91400 Orsay
Phone number:

2.2. Hotel Suggestions in Paris

Figure 3: hotel suggestions in Paris.
Hôtel du Midi
Distance from the RER B station:
0.11 km
Typical price:
≈ 120 euros
4, avenue René Coty, 75014 Paris
Phone number:
Hôtel du Lion
Distance from the RER B station:
0.16 km
Typical price:
≈ 110 euros
1, avenue due général Leclerc, 75014 Paris
Phone number:
Hôtel Sophie Germain
Distance from the RER B station:
0.50 km
Typical price:
≈ 100 euros
12, rue Sophie Germain, 75014 Paris
Phone number:
The Five Hotel
Distance from the RER B station:
0.75 km
Typical price:
≈ 110 euros
3, rue Flatters, 75014 Paris
Phone number:


3.1. Travelling in and out of the Paris Area

Our secretary can book tickets for you and send them to you, if you provide us with train/flight information, early enough. Otherwise, we will reimburse your tickets, provided that the price is reasonable. In doubt, ask us.

3.1.1. By Plane

The two closest airports are both on the RER B train line:

Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG):
north of Paris; about 1 hour from Denfert-Rochereau, and 1.5 hour from Le Guichet, by train;
Orly Airport (ORY):
south of Paris; about 40 minutes from Denfert-Rochereau, and 40 minutes from Le Guichet, by train.

3.1.2. By Train

There are several stations downtown Paris. The station you arrive will depend on where you come from.

Gare d'Austerlitz:
arriving from Spain;
Gare de l'Est:
arriving from southern Germany, northern Switzerland, or Luxembourg;
Gare de Lyon:
arriving from Italy or southern Switzerland;
Gare Montparnasse:
arriving from Spain;
Gare du Nord:
arriving from UK, Belgium, Netherlands or Northern Germany.

3.2. Commutation from your Hotel to our Laboratory

Use the following link to plan your commutation: https://www.transilien.com/en.

3.2.1. Walking from Le Guichet Train Station to Le Guichet Bus Stop

Catching the bus from Le Guichet train station is not straightforward. See the Fig. 4.

  1. Get out of the train.
  2. You have to take the stairs to cross under the tracks, and exit the station.
  3. Take the street immediately on the right and the passage on the left, just before the bridge
  4. The bus stop is across the street
Figure 4: walking path in Le Guichet, from the train station to the bus station.

3.2.2. Walking from Orme des Merisiers Bus Stop to our Building

orme_des_merisiers.png See Fig. 5.

  1. Get out of the bus and walk along the fence.
  2. Enter the CEA gate.
  3. Our building is the second on the left (number 709; Fig. 5).
Figure 5: picture of our building.
Last update: 26 avril 2022