Service d'Astrophysique

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Maried 3 children



Directrice de recherche CEA, spécialité sismologie du Soleil et des étoiles


Responsable du consortium OPAC, PI ANR OPACITY


Research interest

Nuclear Reaction rates,

Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, Neutrinos, Dark matter

Stellar evolution, physical processes, dynamical processes: rotation, magnetic field

Young stars, solar-like stars, massive stars

Helioseismology and asteroseismology

Solar Physics, Plasma physics,

Instrumentation, Data analysis,

Space experiment, Laboratory plasma experiments


Professional experience

1973-1985: Experimental Nuclear Physics in SPhN, CEA

1985- : Stellar plasmas in Service d'Astrophysique, CEA



1988-2001: CSTS SAp; 2001-2004: CSTS SPP

1988-2004:  CEA responsibility of the space GOLF/SoHO instrument:

building, analysis and interpretation (modeling).

1988-2016 : Co-I GOLF/SOHO,

1999- : PI  of the prototype GOLFNG for future development in helioseismology

1999-2003: Member of the Scientific board of  Stellar Physics in France 200 pers

2004: Member of the DAPNIA/ CEA council for the 10 years prospective

for Nuclear and Particle Physics in France

2005: Presentation at ESA of space perspective in Solar field

2005-2006: Scientific & Technical Prospective of CEA  for next 10 years DR

2006-2008: International consortium for DynaMICCS/ COSMIC VISION

2006-2012: Co-I COROT

2007-2011 : Member of the scientific international council of  GANIL

2007-2015 : Co-I PICARD

2009: Co-I  Project ASPIICS/PROBA3

2009-2013 : PI of  GOLF-NG phase 2

2013-2016: PI ANR OPACITY


Supervision of 13 students (10  for Astrophysics: I. Lopes, H. Dzitko, A. Brun, L. Piau, S. Couvidat, J. Ballot, P. Lambert, S. Mathur, V. Duez, G. Loisel, M. Le Pennec  and 2 in Nuclear Physics) + postdocs

Leader of a team of up to  20 persons (science + technique) for GOLF, GOLFNG, ASPICCS during 2 decades


Scientific Publications


About 120 refereed papers (255 abstracts), more than 100 invited papers or communication papers, 1 review of 300 pages: The Solar Interior in Physics Report, 3 contributions to books,

1 new review of 50 pages in Report in Progress in Physics: Solar neutrinos, Helioseismology and the solar dynamics

More than 5500 citations in different fields of astrophysics and physics

H factor= 45


see http://adsabs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/nph-basic_connect?qsearch=sylvaine+turck-chieze



Some course in Stellar Plasma at the OMP master between 2006-2010


I have joined some recent review that describes the main results of SoHO/GOLF (see also T-C et al. , Physics Report 1993), a paper on laboratory opacity experiments and the relationship with seismology, another on the temporal history of the solar rotation deduced from seismology and our paper on the constraints that we can deduce on WIMPs from seismology







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